Peel Orange With Knife, Like A Farmer

Orange is, without a doubt, one of the tastiest and healthiest fruits that exist. Among its benefits are its ability to strengthen the immune system, due to its high vitamin C content.

It also helps fight flu and prevent infections; It is a great ally to treat anemia, since it promotes the absorption of iron (its consumption is recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding).


Now: there is a controversy when it comes to peeling it. Do you want to peel the orange like a farmer, properly and without getting dirty? Follow the next steps!

In the next steps we recommend how to peel an orange in the most traditional way, as we farmers do: with a knife and orange in hand, we also tell you how to eat the queen fruit of Valencia ;)

STEP 1. We remove the top and bottom, and make some slits, without going too deep (but when removing the skin we remove with a slice)

peel orange with knife

peel orange with slit knife

Peel orange like a farmer

Peel orange with knife

STEP 2. Virtually all of the white skin of the orange remains in the rind, and the fruit remains clean and edible. We go over the pieces of white skin that have remained on the surface with the knife.

Peel orange like a farmer with knife

STEP 3. We put it on the butt side, we make a vertical cut and the piece with its juice and all the meatiness is placed in the mouth. If we eat it slice by slice we do not fully enjoy the flavor and juice that the orange gives off.

Peeling orange with knife

how to peel orange with knife

STEP 4. Enjoy your knife-peeled orange!

Enjoying peeled orange with knife

Do you want to receive one of these oranges at your house?

These oranges, as you have seen in the images and in the video, are collected directly from the tree when they are at their optimal point of ripeness; that is, when the orange has the ideal sweetness and its flesh is juicy and tender.

orange straight from the tree


From the tree, I put them in a box and in less than 48 hours at your house. Order your box of oranges directly from the farmer in Campos del Abuelo and enjoy our orchard at home.

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