What is the Orri mandarin like and why is it considered PREMIUM?

The Orri mandarin is one of the most appreciated varieties thanks to its great quality and fantastic flavor . It is also a mandarin that has a patent and its number of licenses is limited. In Europe, only Spain and Portugal are authorized to grow it.

tangerine orri- grandfather's fields

What is the origin of the Orri mandarin?

The Orri mandarin is a hybrid variety that comes from the Orah variety. The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), located in Israel, has been in charge of carrying out this patent in Spain.

In 2013, the Orri mandarin arrived in Spain under patent. A license is needed to be able to grow it in our country. These licenses are limited and are currently not available to grow it in Spain.

What are the characteristics of the Orri mandarin?

The Orri mandarin has it all. These are the characteristics that make this mandarin considered one of the best on the market with PREMIUM quality:

  • Intense orange color
  • Incomparable sweetness
  • Without seeds
  • Easy to peel
  • Very juicy
  • Long duration
  • Excellent quality

The cultivation of the Orri mandarin is closely monitored . There are inspectors who carry out strict controls so that only licensed products reach the market.

characteristics of the orri mandarin

When does the Orri mandarin season start?

In Spain , the Orri mandarin begins its season between the months of January and May . It is the latest variety in our fields. You must also take into account the weather as it can alter these dates.

Where is the Orri mandarin produced?

In Europe, only Spain and Portugal have permits to grow it.

In our country, the communities that have Orri mandarin plantations are: Andalusia, Murcia and the Valencian Community.

At Campos Del Abuelo we have Orri mandarins grown in Valencia. We only collect them just before shipping, so that they arrive at your home within hours of being picked from the tree.

Where is Orri mandarin grown in Europe?

Where to buy Orri mandarins?

In our online store you can buy the Orri mandarin, as well as other varieties of fruits from our fields.

Remember that we only sell seasonal products. We have the Orri mandarin during the months of January and May. If you want to know the seasons of all our fruits , you can see it here . 

mandarin orri -grandfather's fields

Is the Orri variety the best mandarin variety?

It is clear that the Orri mandarin has all the characteristics to be considered the best mandarin that exists . As we have mentioned before, there are many qualities that make this fruit one of the best valued on the market, considering it a PREMIUM product.

We hope you found the information useful.

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