How has agriculture advanced in society? We will tell you...

Did you know that agriculture has been a determining factor in social and economic activities throughout history 🤔

About 12,000 years ago, during the Neolithic era, agriculture emerged as a transcendental milestone, humanity took a radical turn🌪️ by moving from nomadic hunting and gathering societies to sedentary agricultural communities😯 .

Agriculture was the key factor that changed the way we obtain food and also changed our social, economic and political structure 😱. Since that time, the land became an invaluable resource 🍃, providing a constant source of food that has allowed us to learn about the art of cultivating and caring for the land 🥰🧑‍🌾. 

Agriculture today

Today, agriculture is a globalized and highly technical industry 🌍. In the 20th century, the era known as the green revolution introduced intensive practices 😵‍💫 that, although they increased production , also triggered a series of environmental challenges 😩.

This agricultural industrialization, in its search for efficiency and maximization of yields, has prioritized large-scale production, which has led to not respecting the natural cycle of the earth 😶 and planting on lands unsuitable for crops 🤒. Which has led to unsustainable practices that deplete natural resources, generate disconnection with nature😞 and affect the quality of products👀 .

The earth is a treasure that we must protect!

The future of agriculture lies in sustainability 🌱. We, at Campos del Abuelo, adopt environmentally friendly practices since, by cultivating sustainably , respectingthe natural cycles of the earth , avoiding post-harvest products and the cold chamber, we guarantee a safe food supply, which protect our natural resources 🌳. In addition, it allows you to enjoy the true essence of fresh crops , full of vitamins and nutrients essential for humans🤩.

Don't forget that the earth is a treasure that we must protect

Buy easily and quickly directly from farmers . Create your own box and receive it at your home in less than 48 hours 😱.

Thank you for supporting the Spanish countryside and the preservation of the environment🥰!

For any doubt, question, concern... regarding how we work and how we care for our fruit, Campos Del Abuelo is at your entire disposal!

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