A unique persimmon in the world and we have it in Valencia

There is a variety that is unique in the world and we have it in Valencia. It has a protected designation of origin from the Ribera del Xúquer, we are talking about the Rojo Brillante variety. It is a peculiar variety within thetypes of persimmons that exist .

What is Brilliant Red persimmon?

The persimmon persimmon is a variety of persimmon , also called “bright red”, which has a compact flesh that is a little softer than an apple and harder than a peach, and a soft and sweet flavor , although not excessively so, so They are consumed as fresh fruit.

But if there is a fruit that marks the arrival of the cold , without a doubt, it is the persimmon. However, in recent years a type of persimmon has appeared that looks more like an apple than a persimmon, and is called "persimon." It is not a genetically modified food, it is simply a persimmon that likes to raise its elbow.

What is the origin of the Brilliant Red persimmon?

The persimmon has its origin in China and spread to Korea and Japan from where it gets its current name. However, the Rojo Brillante variety originated in Valencia naturally, by spontaneous mutation, and spread mainly along the banks of the Xúquer.


The Rojo Brillante persimmon is a local variety that originated naturally, by spontaneous mutation in the mid-1950s, from another local variety called “Cristalino” , which was also grown in the Ribera Alta region.

What are the differences between persimmon and persimmon?

Let's start with a clarification. Persimmon is not a variety of persimmon. The variety is bright red and persimmon is what a persimmon of this variety is called, after the astringency has been removed naturally. This means that it no longer leaves a rough sensation in the mouth.


What benefits does persimmon have?

Persimmon is a very complete and beneficial fruit for any time. Among the most notable benefits we can point out:

  • Helps control high cholesterol : It can be beneficial by retaining cholesterol and helping to expel it in the form of feces.
  • Good for constipation : When the persimmon is ripe, with a softer texture, it helps with constipation
  • Relieves gastritis : People with gastritis may find relief by eating a ripe persimmon.
  • Helps in cases of anemia : Since it has a high content of vitamin C, it promotes the creation of red blood cells.
  • Helps people with high physical activity : Thanks to its great contribution of potassium.

What does persimmon taste like?

The bright red persimmon has a texture similar to that of an apple but with a sweeter, milder flavor . Let's start from a premise, to taste the colors. However, the best way we recommend to eat a persimmon is when it feels like a mango .

Also, as a curiosity, if we cut a Brilliant Red persimmon transversely we obtain, inside, an 8-point star, almost perfect. A special pattern in this orange-colored fruit, delicious flavor, with hard pulp, which can be peeled like an apple.


How to ripen a persimmon?

Campos Del Abuelo persimmons are shipped ready to eat but if you prefer a softer consistency (more like a mango), you should follow these instructions

  1. Put the persimmons in a saucepan along with a couple of apples or a banana.
  2. Cover the pot and wait a few days.

How do you know if a persimon persimmon is ripe ?

As we have said before, the persimmon persimmon has a firmer consistency, so we do not have to wait for it to be soft to be able to eat it, we must look at its color .

To know that it is ripe , it must have a yellow-orange color.

When it acquires an intense orange color, it is considered “overripe” that is, ripe and its texture is softer, similar to that of a mango but it is still delicious.

When is persimmon season in Spain?

You can enjoy the persimon persimon season from Ribera del Júcar from October to the end of December. When the fruit reaches its ideal sugar level, it is harvested . This usually occurs between October 15 and December 15.

We hope that this information has been useful to you and that you are encouraged to try this wonderful fruit , so unknown and with so many properties . We have much more content about the field on our blog.

5 things you should know to fully enjoy a Persimon Persimmon

The persimmon offers a different nutritional value depending on the variety in question, but in general it provides a high proportion of carbohydrates (fructose and glucose), which makes this tropical fruit more caloric than other fruits. And if you want to enjoy it to the fullest , here we give you some tips.

  • Choose the security of the Designation of Origin . If a persimmon has the Persimon® label, it is ready to eat.
  • Note that the orange or reddish color may vary as the season progresses.
  • Don't pay attention to marks or dark areas of the skin. Rubbing against the branches causes small defects that do not affect the flavor. Internal stains do not alter the quality of the Persimon® persimmon either.
  • Keep in mind that it usually has a sweet flavor and no astringency. If it doesn't taste as you expect, let your point of sale know.
  • Keep them in the fruit bowl , not in the refrigerator. Don't wait for it to become soft, it has to be eaten with the meat firm and crispy.

If you are one of those who appreciate this tropical fruit , you can consume it as is or include it in different preparations . Generally, delicious desserts are made such as ice cream, cakes, creams, jams, smoothies, etc. In Campos Del Abuelo you can buy fruit directly from the farmer , harvested at its optimal point of ripeness .

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