Don't be fooled. How do you know if you buy directly from a farmer?

Since we started our online sales project to save our fields, in Campos Del Abuelo we have come across many businesses and warehouses posing as farmers. 

Since e-commerce or online stores have increased, there are many who sell claiming to be farmers, who claim to send the fruit directly from the tree to your home , but it turns out that it is not true, it is a big lie. Thus, countless food markets, large stores or warehouses try to pass themselves off as small businesses to also sell their products online.

Direct online sales are the only way of salvation left for farmers like me to move forward. That is why, through this project, I, as a Valencian farmer , want to reach you, directly, without intermediaries, so that you can taste the true richness of the Valencian garden in your home , in less than 48 hours.

Therefore, I recommend that you pay close attention to whether you are really buying from the real farmer, who will offer you, without a doubt, the best product and service.

fruit directly from the farmer

How do you know if you buy directly from a farmer?

Below I provide you with some tips to know if you are really buying from the farmer. Don't let them continue to deceive you!

  1. REAL farmers show their faces: Both on our website and on social networks such as Instagram , Tik Tok and Facebook , you can see me, see what I do, see my products, I give you advice and recommendations on how to consume the fruit... my face It is present on all those platforms. Me Eduardo, the farmer, the one who is in the field every day, collecting the best fruit for you.
  2. We talk to our clients: You can call me by phone at 628505249 . I talk to my clients daily, to help them, advise them, inform them... I am at their entire disposal 24/7.
  3. We do not hide anything: Farmers are proud of our work and we show it to the world. You can visit Campos del Abuelo whenever you want. You have the doors of our fields open in case you want to see what we do . We will show you our work and the wonderful fruit we grow for you. You have the address on the web.
  4. Last, but not least, if someone enters the field with shoes and a shirt... that is not a farmer.

Do you want to buy fruit directly from the farmer?

buy fruit directly from the farmer

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