Supermarket, fruit store or farmer Where to buy good quality fruit?

We are quite clear about the need to consume fruits and vegetables since they are the basis of a healthy diet. But there is one aspect that we take little into account and that is really important: Quality.

Nowadays we can get fruits on almost any corner, but do we really know what we are eating? Aspects such as its origin, freshness or environmental impact go unnoticed.

Today we will help you know the characteristics to take into account when buying good quality fruit, as well as the places where you can buy it.

But where to buy?

The most common places where we usually buy fruit are: Supermarkets, fruit stores and lately it is quite common to buy directly from the farmer . For this reason we have considered it interesting to compare these three options.

For this classification we are going to take into account five criteria that we consider to be important for you when it comes to giving value to a product.

The following table will help you have clearer information and help you make the best decision.

quality fruit comparison table

4 recommendations to buy the best quality fruit

After the comparison, it is time to buy and we want to let you know these recommendations so that you can buy the best fruit :

1. Buy seasonal fruit

The main recommendation for quality fruit is to buy seasonal fruit , since many of its properties begin to be lost at the time of harvesting.

We leave you a calendar with our seasonal fruits and the months in which you can consume them with all their properties right here:

Valencia fruit season Campos Del Abuelo

2. Opt for national products

In Spain there is a large amount of fruit of local origin that remains unsold due to the competition caused by the importation of fruit from other countries at a lower price and without any health control . This type of fruit is introduced into the country with pests or treated with products not allowed in the European Union.

By buying local products you help farmers who refuse to abandon their life's work and are committed to continuing. You can know the origin of what you buy by checking the product labeling.

3. Choose to buy directly from a farmer

There are more and more farmers who have chosen to sell their products themselves, so you can now buy fruit directly from the farmer both at a physical point of sale and on online platforms.

This is a good option to buy very good quality fruit, since the fruit is collected exclusively for you and you will receive it in the comfort of your home.

advantages and disadvantages of buying from a farmer

4. Don't just look at the price

Currently the prices found in large stores are low prices compared to what you find when buying at a fruit store or from a farmer. But don't be fooled, even if it seems the same, not all fruits are the same , since their cultivation and conservation time is totally different.

It is better to spend a little more on quality fruit and be sure that what you are eating provides you with all the nutrients that freshly picked fruit can provide.


In summary, we can say that by buying quality fruit you support national products, you help small businesses local businesses, as well as farmers.

Selling fruit online is an alternative to all farmers who see how their efforts during an entire campaign are at a loss by having to sell to intermediaries at excessively low prices.

Furthermore, the change of season is natural and our diet also adapts, so we recommend that you adapt your body to seasonal foods, as these changes are beneficial to you.

It is more than proven that the national fruit is of excellent quality and if you buy it in season you will always be right. Buying locally and especially from farmers is a more than right choice for both you and them.

Do you want to buy quality fruit?

buy quality fruit


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