Intrusion in the orange market

The intrusion in the orange market is destroying the farmer and the excellence of the fruit.

Careful! Don't let them sell you shit. Our situation is alarming due to the proliferation of scammers and false online stores that promise to sell the fruit as if it were extracted and sold to the consumer without intermediaries, directly picked from the tree, and that is NOT the case.

There are thousands of tricks and treatments they use to make it appear to be fresh fruit; But when you try it, it is easy to unmask the imposter.
Remember: real fruit is what is served and sold directly by the farmer.

This message that I transmit to you is very important for us. You know that farmers are, day after day, working hard and with great care, dear, in the field, so that the best product arrives at your house, from the tree to your home, without intermediaries or anything similar.

At Campos Del Abuelo, each piece of fruit is supervised by me, with all the work that this implies. And I, as a farmer, am happy to work so meticulously so that you consume the best product.

There is a lot of professional intrusion, and even more so now with the proliferation of online stores, which claim to sell fresh, recently picked fruit, when that is not the case.

Many of these e-commerce shops buy in large stores, warehouses, food markets... and then make a profit by selling this genre that has already lost a lot of quality, and they take over our market, the farmer's market, which has already been declining for years.

How will you know if you are buying from the real farmer?

The one who stands up, as is our case, Campos del Abuelo, who in addition to in person, and through platforms such as WhatsApp (628 50 52 49) and our website, you can find us on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

I, Eduardo, will always be available for you. You can come to our farms, visit them, happy to act as a guide and show you the ins and outs of the garden! You can call me, write to me, visit me. I am for you and for you 😊

The lifelong farmer wears clothing to “battle in the field”, so… beware of those who wear suits and want to sell you “fresh and from the garden” fruit as they would say. Those are not farmers!

If this intrusion continues to increase, farmers like me, and therefore, the products of such excellent quality that we produce, will end up disappearing.

We need your help; me, and many farmers. For all these reasons, I encourage you to buy directly from the farmer , whether from me or anyone else; Both you, due to the quality of the product you are buying, and we, win ;).

For any doubt, question, concern... regarding how we work and how we care for our fruit, or if you want to come and try it in situ... Campos Del Abuelo is at your entire disposal!

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