Buying directly from the Farmer: The key to fresh food and supporting the Spanish countryside

The direct sale of fruit involves a process where farmers market our products directly to customers , without intermediaries. You may wonder where to buy good quality fruit? In the supermarket, fruit shop or to the farmer? 🤔

Although we already have a blog where we give you the keys to identify if you buy directly from the farmer , you should keep in mind that, with the growing presence of online stores, many claim to be farmers, promising to send fresh fruit. However, this is often a lie 😒😠.

Different stores try to pass themselves off as small businesses to also sell their products online. This is why you should pay close attention to whether you are buying from real farmers🧑‍🌾 who guarantee you the best product and service😉

The difference between conventional distribution channels and direct sales is that by buying directly from farmers, we shorten the supply chain. This allows us to eliminate excessive food manipulation 🫣 and a closer connection between those who grow the fruit and those who consume it 🥰, so make sure you know how to buy directly from a farmer . 

Because it is important?

The direct sale of fruit benefits farmers and consumers in various ways:

  • It allows farmers to establish solid relationships with our customers by offeringquality fruit 😋
  • For consumers, this form of shopping provides a transparent experience connected to the source of their food.

What are the benefits of buying directly from the farmer 🤔

  • Guaranteed freshness: By eliminating intermediaries, our products reach consumers at their maximum freshness , keeping their nutritional properties and flavors intact, as they go directly from the fields to your table. In this way, fruits and vegetables no longer go through transportation processes🚛, storage in containers🛒, display and manipulation by different hands😶.
  • Support for the local economy: Direct sales contribute to the local economy, when you buy from the farmer, you support the income of the regions and the sustainability of our magnificent Spanish fields 🌄.
  • Fair prices: You may wonder , is it cheaper to buy from a farmer? , the key point in direct purchasing is that farmers establish prices that reflect the real value of the products, ensuring adequate compensation for the process from planting to harvest😉. In this way we prevent profit margins from being reduced by intermediaries.

Where to buy fruit directly from farmers?

Thanks to electronic businesses, today we can offer fruits and vegetables directly from the Spanish countryside and you receive them in less than 48 hours 😱. On platforms like Campos del Abuelo , you can buy easily and quickly directly from farmers.

Thank you for supporting the Spanish countryside 🥰!

For any doubt, question, concern... regarding how we work and how we care for our fruit, Campos Del Abuelo is at your entire disposal!

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