The apple, one of the healthiest fruits you can find

There are green , red or yellow ones, some sweeter, others more acidic, grown in different parts of the world . We are talking about apples, a very delicious fruit that contains antioxidant properties to help improve your health. And best of all, in Campos del Abuelo , without post-harvest chemicals. If you want to find out how, we will tell you everything about this fruit below.


In a world full of boring fruits, comes the apple , with its bold color. Therefore, I don't think you want to be fooled and you probably want to know how to buy directly from the farmer . It is curious but many people compare this fruit with the Rojo Brillante variety of persimmon. A variety of persimmon unique in the world that looks very similar to the apple.

The history of the apple despite Apple

Probably, the origin of the apple tree is found in the crossing of several wild species , although it is true that its origin is not known for certain. What we do know is that apples have been harvested for thousands of years. And, although it may sound strange, it already existed in Paradise (Eve offered Adam an apple).

In the 12th century BC the apple tree was cultivated in the Nile due to its fertile lands during the time of Pharaoh Ramesses III. In Greek mythology , the golden apple that Paris gives to the goddess Venus and that causes enmity between Athena and Hero, went down in history as we know it today as the "apple of discord."

Types of apples

Without a doubt, few things in life are as good as the pleasant sensation that a crunchy, sweet apple triggers when it melts on the palate . Although it may seem incredible to you, there are thousands of different types of apples and all of them stand out for their flavor. Below we tell you all the varieties of apples that exist.

  • Ralls Genet: It is an apple used in the breeding of more modern ones such as the Fuji. Its color varies between red and yellow, its skin is shiny and its texture is crunchy . It is valid both for eating raw and for cooking.

  • Fuji: Among all types of apples, this is one of the most preferred variants for its great sweet flavor . Its intense sweet flavor makes it one of the ideal foods to eat raw.
  • Golden : Speaking of types of apples, this species is the protagonist of kitchens. Its yellow color is capable of capturing anyone's attention, but it is its crisp flavor that makes it completely irresistible.
  • Granny Smith: It's an apple with granny: Maria Ann Smith Sherwood. This class is one of the types of apples that captivate at first sight : a bright green color decorated with multiple almost indelible white dots.
  • Reineta : When you want to satisfy your appetite , Reineta apples are ideal due to their large size . It is probably the most peculiar, and can present a gray , yellow and even green tone.
  • Red delicious : As its name indicates, these types of apples stand out from all the others for their brilliant deep red color , so bright that it is not equaled by any of its sisters. In addition, Red delicius apples are large in size .
  • Gala : It is created in Australia by crossing different varieties, among which Golden and Delicia stand out. Although there are multiple types of apples, the appearance of Gala apples is unmistakable ; They are taller than they are wide in their proportions.
  • Royal Gala : Of oceanic origin (New Zealand), this type of apple arises after crossing the Kidd's Orange Red and Golden Delicious varieties. They are so delicious that their name refers to distinguished royalty.
  • Lady William : A very sweet apple with a history. This makes it one of the freshest seasonal fruits available . This apple is the ancestor of different apples known throughout the world, such as the Pink Lady or the Cripps Pink.
  • Cripps Pink: Do you have a unique personality and your favorite color is pink? If so, you will love Cripps Pink apples, both for their taste and appearance . It is a large, conical-shaped apple, ideal for cooking.
  • Pink Lady : Due to the strict quality protocols under which they are produced, these are one of the most luxurious and delicious types of apples that can exist in the fruit aisle. Inside it is a delicious cream-colored pulp.
  • McIntosh: Like other types of apples, this variant gets its name from the person who discovered it : a man named John McIntosh. They are characterized by their medium size, as well as having a reddish and greenish hue . As for its shape, it is rather rounded.
  • Starking : If you want to delve into the immense range of apple types, you cannot miss out on trying this variant. What will catch your attention the most is its enigmatic and deep crimson red color . Eat it raw if you want to enjoy its sweetness .

These are the most important types of apples that you can enjoy and share with your family or loved ones. Find the types of apples in Campos del Abuelo.

Properties of apples that you should know

We know that fruit is good, but perhaps we have never considered what the real properties of each of the fruits that we usually consume are. The apple is the superhero of fruits . Next, we will tell you in more detail about all the properties that the apple has .

Fight against free radicals

We want to start with this property because it seems to us the most important . Surely you have heard about free radicals, which are so feared because they are related to the diseases that currently cause so much damage to us, including cancer.

There is something you can do to combat these free radicals , and that is to consume as many foods as possible that have antioxidant properties , since these are responsible for fighting against the malicious effect of these free radicals. Eating apples daily is one of the best ways to meet the necessary dose of antioxidant foods.

Protects against cardiovascular diseases

If we continue thinking about the diseases that currently affect us the most, we cannot forget cardiovascular diseases . And we also have excellent news: apples, and especially green apples , are known to reduce the chances of heart attacks.

Keeps cholesterol at bay

This is possible thanks to several of its almost magical components . The work of elements such as pectin or phosphorus, among others, is to reduce cholesterol. Specifically, they are responsible for reducing the levels of cholesterol that we know as bad cholesterol, and at the same time increasing the levels of good cholesterol.

Cleans the intestines effectively

The large amount of water and fiber contained in apples is excellent for your digestive health. For starters, buying apples is like buying the best natural diuretic . This fruit is responsible for cleaning and purifying your body. In addition, the high proportions of fiber that the apple contains give it a satiating effect.

Helps in weight loss processes

You may not know it, but the same components that make buying apples the best solution to cleanse your body also make it an optimal fruit when you are looking to lose weight. So, you have to remember that the apple is a fruit with plenty of water, as well as very low calories , ideal for keeping fit.

Improve the health of your skin

Sometimes we forget how important the skin is in our body, and that it also needs pampering , like other parts of the body . It is very good to use creams and cosmetic products, but it is even better to do it naturally . Eating apples at least once a week is an excellent way to receive adequate intake of those same vitamins.

Protect your oral health

You've probably heard that apples are a good ally for our dental hygiene , but you don't know why that is. This is due to the astringent character that the apple has and that it shares with oral products. Also the skin of the apple, if you bite it, strengthens your teeth.

The apple is an expert at making friends. It goes well with fruits like orange juice or bitter lemon and can add that touch of fun to any salad . Apples are the entertainers of the fruit world! You can juggle them. Just make sure you don't hit anyone in the process .

Did you know that these nice fruits are the queens of the orchards ? And ours arrive to you in just 24 hours! They have witnessed the physics of gravity and how some humans, like Newton, ended up with an apple on their heads. If you liked all these tips on eating apples , take note and don't forget to contact Campos del Abuelo .

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